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 - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON are distributors of STENNER on France

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SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone
SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON become distributors of the SCM brand in the departments of the Loire and the Rhône.

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5 function combinations machines
5 function combinations machines - Ponceuse large occasion

Discover our new combined operations 5!

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Spindle moulders

Spindle moulders

Spindle moulder with motorization and visualization of the 3 axes
Tilting shaft,
Cast iron frame, 2 speed motor 7,5-10CV / 400 Volts
Automatic braking, 4 spindle speeds 3000-6000 and 4500-9000 rpm
Shaft Ø 50 standard length,
Automatic router shaft raising and lowering by motor-reducer.
Motorized 320 mm travel guide controlled by motor-reducer
Electrical control of the raising and lowering of the shaft and the guide by push-buttons.
Fixed and zero floating electronic counters. All electrical controls on the
Pendant within range of the operator.
2m extension table with front extension
Plates Aigner
Reversing direction switch
Year 2007

Extensions total lg 1900 mm, or 2520 with trolley
Front table extension
CN on shaft mounting and guide
Electronic speed variator with digital display
Year 2000
8 speed coach 3 wheels

Mechanical displacement guide and the first slide,
Climb down the spindle with electric meter
4 speeds: from 3000 to 8000 rpm,
Table extension left, right and front,
feeding system 4 speed,

Spindle moulder Chambon T323
Table: 1000 X 680 mm,
4 speed: 3000/4500/6000/8000 t / min
Engine: 5.5 HP
Coach MAGGI 3 wheels, 4 speed
Tenoning carriage