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 - Ponceuse large occasion

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 - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON are distributors of STENNER on France

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SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone
SCM distributor on the Loire and the Rhone - Ponceuse large occasion

Ets GIROUDON become distributors of the SCM brand in the departments of the Loire and the Rhône.

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Woodworking machines opportunity

Notching machines


Max drilling distance: 2400 mm,
Min drilling distance: 70 mm,
Max drilling depth: 70 mm,
Max height of doors or chassis: 1000 mm,
Tilt of the head: + 60 ° -15 °
Drilling motor: 0.55 kW, screw motor: 0.55 kw, milling motor: 0.88 kW
Year 2007

1 CN horizontal head

Reclining head 90 ° at 0 °

Displacement in x: 2850 mm,

Head stroke: 180 mm

Double store right and left

independent control cabinet

motor: 5.5 kW

1 numerical head,

tiltable head,

Table : 2800 X 235 mm

Small wooden windows and trellises,
Automatic milling his shop for wood up to 2.50 m
It has four operating heads for working the wand on 4 sides and cut to the desired extent.
Both upper and lower cutters are provided, during the return of a system for distance to avoid chipping of the stick and abrasion of the tool. The front head is adjustable in all angles for individual milling. The feed carriage is a photocell presence of materials that control the recovery bar in case it would be longer than 2500 mm and activates the automatic introduction of a new wand. A second movable traction trolley allows to minimize and optimize the fall bar being machined and it operates automatically when the main carriage is no longer able to push the stick.
This material is complete with strawberries and feeder rods.
The features of the computer are:
- A memory of 400 different programs,
- A transmission to a PC disk or carrier serial work programs directly.

Cutting Capacity: 35 X 35 mm,
Engines: 1.2 HP, 3 HP, 0.5 HP